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children's outreaches, food and clothing distribution, ministry to the needy ministry to the "forgotten" ones (gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes) and daily ministry to people in need from all walks of life.

      The Pilgrim Outreach Ministries diverse congregation represents people from a variety of backgrounds, nations, races and ages. ministry is an autonomous, self-governing local church established on the pattern of the New Testament early church.  The church is affiliated with World Evangelism Fellowship of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Pastor Langston is ordained as a minister of the gospel.

     The Pilgrim Outreach Ministries is known for its spirit of worship, preaching of the cross, generosity, faith in the goodness of God and warm Christian love.  The mandate to preach the gospel is not limited to time, distance, nationality, creed or color but encapsulates the entirety of the world.
    The Pilgrim Outreach Ministries was pioneered in 1998 by Pastor James Langston, his wife Cecilia, their six children, and a group of families from the Monte Orlando, U. S. Navy Chapel in Gaeta, Italy.  James and Cecilia were previously on staff at Living Word Christian Fellowship of Naples, Italy as Youth Pastor and associate pastor.  They were also involved in international ministry as speakers and ministers.

      The pastor and members of Pilgrim Outreach Ministries have a confident vision of faith for compassionately impacting the immediate community, the greater Naples area, Italy, Europe and the entirety of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As the early church, they as well are solely depending upon the Holy Spirit to open doors of opportunity.

     Under the vision of ". . . go ye into all the world and preach the gospel . . .", the ministry has been blessed to preach the gospel on television, in prisons, tent meetings, street ministry, and through the Internet on 6 of the 7 continents of the world.  The pastor believes every year will bring an unfolding of the vision that includes: youth and